Taking A Look At Yourself

This week I have had lots of time to look at my life. It is interesting to see where I have ended up in life. I am nowhere near where I expected to be 10 years ago. Granted I am still young or so I am told. However even looking at where I thought I wanted to be 5 years ago is very different from where I am today.

I have learned some very good lessons by listening and others the hard way. I can proudly say I am a much better person than I was 5 years ago. The last year of my life has been a very big changing and challenging time for me. It has totally been worth it all. I am always looking for ways to improve myself if possible, especially if I can apply what I learned to more than one area of my life.

This week I had the chance to listen to a podcast with Peter Voogd. He was talking about being more productive in life. He had some really great points and very encouraging. He kept reinforcing the point that you can only succeed if you work hard. We live in a culture where everyone wants things now. However no one wants to put in the work to get to it.

One of my favorite things he talked about was “The 5 P’s”. I took a few notes while I could because of where I was at the time. 


The 5 P’s


Done Weekly


  1. Pause and Reflect

          What did you get done in the last week?

          What went well?

          What did I waste time on?

          Where was I at my best?


      2. Predetermine your outcome

          What are your most valuable priorities? (Top 3 business and Personal)

          What people do you need to reach out too, to hit your goals?


      3. Sell yourself on things predetermined.

          Sell yourself on whatever you want.

          Stop doing things you are not sold on.

          Put all things into a schedule.

          Put time limits on tasks to complete.


      4. Protect your time.

          No Technology time. (No phone and No Internet)

          Do things different from others. (Doing things not at peak hours. Shopping, Movies, Vacation)

          Get use to saying “No”.


       5. Be Present

           Be fully into whatever you are doing.

           Stop when you are done. Not when you feel like it.

           Focus on one thing at a time.

           Don’t just get though the day. Get from the day.

           Seize the day!



I Must Be Famous!

On March 12th, 2013 I was browsing through my twitter feed and saw that was from @PhillyD 


Philip DeFranco is a very well known Youtuber who is behind the YouTube Channel @SourceFed. They have been doing a lot of very cool videos with news and very down to earth and real. Unlike most news shows they are honest and not sold out to some advertisement or the "big man" like major news companies. I really enjoy the Truth or Dare segments. It's nice to see that they are real people just like you and I.


SoucreFed has a fairly new segment called Table Talk. It's a daily show where people tweet questions with the hash tag #TableTalk and the hosts answer them randomly from a bowl. Very random questions, sometimes serious sometimes funny off the wall.


I decided to tweet them with a question with the hopes of being lucky and being mention on the show.


I finally had the chance to watch the video on March 13, 2013. At the 7:36 mark I suddenly became ecstatic when I heard my name being read.


As of when I wrote this blog the video currently has over 140,000 views.

If I don't say so myself this is a huge compliment for me.



Celebrities at CES 2013

I had the chance to meet a Celebrities at CES this year. Some I just saw but didnt get to meet.


Norm Chan from 


Chris Pirillo from or some would know him from youtube


Ian Fraser Kilmister (Lemmy) from Motorhead releasing the Motorheadphones 



Saw 50 Cent signing autographs at the SMS Audio Booth 


Got to meet Tyson Beckford at the Monster booth. I was able to also get a personalized autograph from him too.


Alicia Keys performed at the Monster Cables award show.  


Got to meet Philip DeFranco Most known for his Youtube Show